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As a speaker, I look to energize and excite the participants ensuring that the content is relevant, motivational and interactive.  I strive to ensure that the audience is fully engaged, participating and actually leave the session knowing they learned something.

 Although preparation is key, I always prepare to let the session take the direction the audience needs it to take.  Speaking content will be designed to fit your specific organizational needs whether it covers PMO growth, project management aspects, resource management, adult learning aspects, estimation techniques or others, I will work with you to ensure what you ask for, is delivered.

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Current Speaking Engagements

If you are interested in hearing me speak at an event, you can find my currently planned engagements below:

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2018 Camp IT Conference

  • Topic:  Resource Management across Multiple Frameworks
  • Date:  November 2, Track A, 10:15 am
  • Venue: 
  • Donald E. Stephens Convention Center Rosemont (O’Hare) Illinois
  • 2-Day Conference

I am looking forward to speaking again for Camp IT Conferences.  In this session we will look at resource management in an organization that utilizes multiple frameworks.  In some venues, you may hear that with agile, resource management is not needed and that it is old-school; however, many financial departments may disagree with that statement.  This looks at how organizations can possibly still meet their needs of organizational resource management, and even asks the question of is it still needed and if so, why?


Past Speaking Engagements

Camp IT Conference Speaker

Years: 2016-2017


  • PMOs Cannot Be Built:  They Must be Grown to Fit within the Culture and the Environment of the Organization.
    • This was one of many to come of speaking at the Camp IT conferences.  Discussion for this session was focused on my belief that PMOs Cannot Be Built.  Too often a PMO is implemented and then the rest of the organization is expected to change to fit that structure.  This session discussed how a PMO must be grown with the culture and environment of the organization in mind.  Joined by CIOs, Presidents and directors, it was amazing meeting the leaders of their organizations, and helping them realize the benefit behind a culturally grown PMO.


  • Agile or Traditional:  Which Framework is right for you.
    • With agile making a fierce footprint within organizations, there are times that many organizations have to count on a consultant to help them through the decisions.  The discussions that were held during the session were interactive and meaningful to those in the audience, and a few times I would see heads nod in agreement as they were experiencing the pains of growing through an agile transformation.

Conference Speaker – Video Replay

Panel Discussion: Migrating to 14.2 and Advanced Reporting

It was a pleasure being able to speak at the CA World Conference.  During this conference I spoke on the importance of reporting from an enterprise and PMO perspective and how it can assist an organization.  This conference brought to light one of the aspects that is often forgotten about:  how will we do reporting?

CA World ’15 Agile Management Theater: Join Alyce Reopelle, Global EMP Governance Manager, Brink’s and Kevin Hill, Manager, Software Engineering, Xerox for this panel discussion on Migrating to 14.2 and Advanced Reporting. This session is an opportunity to hear directly from customers who have successfully migrated to CA Project & Portfolio Management (CA PPM) 14.2 on a global scale and are taking advantage of the new advanced reporting in that release. In this panel discussion you’ll hear from Xerox and Brinks as they discuss their upgrade to 14.2 for their global implementations including their use of multi-currency and multi-language as well as advanced use the new reporting functionality.

MBA160: The Art of Better Business Requirements

Alyce was interviewed by Podcast Host – Dave Saboe, for his website “Mastering Business Analysis” based on her article – “Perfecting The Art Of Better Business Requirements“.


A tactic that organizations often use is to assign a subject matter expert (SME) to elicit requirements for a project.  This approach makes sense as a SME will understand the systems and processes impacted by the project and will likely discover and refine the requirements faster.

But what is this conventional wisdom is wrong?  What if the best person to elicit requirements is someone who knows nothing about the current state or the processes and products?

The reality is that experts often make assumptions and fail to ask crucial questions.  They enter a situation with an expert’s mind; a scenario in which there are few options for a solution.  Instead, we need to have a beginner’s mind.  With a beginner’s mind, the options are unbound by preconceived notions.  We are free to ask insightful questions and imagine new possibilities.

Listen to the full episode to find out how to approach situations with a beginner’s mind and fight some of the assumptions that lead to gaps in requirements.

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