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Alyce Reopelle

Author, Speaker, Project / Program, PMO Thought Leader

Many years ago, I was put down a path of project management…a path I did not want to take.  Over the years this has become a passion for me.  Having worked at Fortune 1 companies, mentoring all levels of project, program and portfolio management, I felt there was still something missing.  That was when I pursued my Master’s Degree in Project Management and I am now on track to finish my Doctor of Education in Leadership and Learning with a specialization on Organization Leadership in March 2020. 

Training others has been a big part of my life for over the past 10 years and watching them grow in their skills and abilities is rewarding.  Energizing participants at conferences over content is something that others sometimes struggle with, but I thrive in that atmosphere.  To see individuals and organizations grow in knowledge, skill, and ability is the most rewarding feeling. 

When I am not working to help move others forward, I am either working on my dissertation and classes, writing articles, working on my book, preparing to speak at a conference or podcast interview, or mentoring and training others. 

The future is yet unknown for me, but I do know it holds continuing the journey that I have started.


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